We have a variety of packages designed to meet all your federal compliance needs.

Full Service

From an initial consultation and pre-qualification analysis (PQA) to on-going support and services once legalization occurs, we’ll guide you through step-by-step.

Pre-Qualification Analysis (PQA)

In the PQA, we’ll gather and review all the information necessary to obtain a federal permit, working ahead to identify any potential issues that could hinder you from compliance. This includes a full review with one of our experts who will help you create an action plan to prepare now before federal applications are required. With decades of experience in federal alcohol and tobacco compliance, our team has the unmatched ability to project the likely future requirements to obtain a federal cannabis permit.

Evergreen Plan

Our Evergreen Plan is a subscription-based service providing ongoing compliance support to our clients. The plan includes content and flash updates from our team of experts, to inform you regarding best practices to prepare for the application process, regulatory compliance, and changes in federal law. Subscription services also include one on one consultations with our advisers, and priority access to our application service once federal prohibition is repealed.

Federal Permit Application

Our team will help you complete and submit your permit application once federal regulations have been finalized.

Additional Services

  • One-Time Consultations: Our team of experts, with over 60 years of federal alcohol and tobacco compliance experience, advise you on the constantly changing federal cannabis policies, and help you develop best practices to prepare for federal legalization.
  • Ongoing compliance assistance and reporting to support federal licensees with compliance and reporting tasks
  • Audit and appeal representation provided as needed
  • Industry education seminars and classes to prepare clients for the process of applying for a federal permit and complying with rules and regulations
  • Advise ancillary cannabis businesses (in fields such as legal, financial, insurance, and medical) on how to prepare for federal cannabis regulation, including developing business strategies and processes to take advantage of the fast-growing cannabis industry.

Work with us to become fully compliant