President Biden Announces Steps to End Marijuana Prohibition

October 7, 2022

In an announcement that took many by surprise, President Biden laid out steps that he would be taking to undo harms caused by the failed and discriminatory war on drugs, end federal cannabis prohibition, and implement a system of cannabis regulation to protect public safety.

The President announced the following steps that he will be taking to reform federal cannabis policy:
1. Pardoning all federal prisoners previously sentenced for simple cannabis
2. Requesting that all governors take the same action regarding state offenses
3. Directing the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S.
Attorney General to review how marijuana is scheduled under federal law.

President Biden emphasized that Schedule I status of marijuana “makes no sense”, and a system of reasonable regulation should be put in place to protect public safety.

With the White House, Congress and the Federal Courts all taking steps towards major changes in federal cannabis policy, the end of federal cannabis prohibition is closer than ever. Verde Compliance Partners can help you prepare your business to succeed with these coming changes.

Verde Compliance Partners is a national consulting firm focused on guiding clients through federal cannabis permitting, taxation, and regulatory compliance. Our firm prepares and navigates cannabis growers and processors through the regulatory, legal, and administrative requirements necessary to comply with current and future federal regulations.  With decades of experience in high level positions in the U.S. Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), and it’s predecessor, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF), Verde is uniquely qualified to prepare cannabis industry stakeholders for the implementation of federal regulation.